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Le Calacs aspire à une transformation sociale en vue de développer des rapports égalitaires et ainsi enrayer toutes formes de violence.



The Calacs is a sexual assault prevention and help centre, set up as an independent community organization. 


We offer free and confidential help services for all women aged 14 and over who experienced sexual assault and their loved ones. We have three main fields of activities : individual and group help services; prevention and awareness; and women's rights struggle and advocacy.  

All these services are available whether you have filed a complaint or not. 

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The Calacs operates in accordance with the values of both the feminist and community movements. 

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This value represents an important fight for us, as it means achieving equality between women, men and all humans, especially in terms of sharing power, information, and access to resources, through inclusive structures and appropriate measures. Every human being should have the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions, to study, to choose their own careers, to participate in politics, etc. 


All human beings should share the willl to live together in a society free from oppression, discrimination and violence. We should share all of the essential natural resources, goods and services in a fair manner. 


Freedom refers to the ability to act according to one's own choices, without being physically or psychologically controlled.


On the feminist premise that the best suited person to identify the needs of a woman is the woman herself, we help women regain power over their lives.  


Respect is how every woman coming to the Calacs is welcomed and how the treatment they receive through our services is offered. It is also the recognition and acceptance that each woman has her very own place, identity, personality, and ways of doing things. 



Feminism is the approach we use at the Calacs. Our feminism advocates for and promotes the rights and interests of women in order to improve their living conditions by facilitating their empowerment, so that they can take back control over their lives. We also aim for social transformation, as to create an egalitarian society. 

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À propos: L'équipe

Isabelle Cyr 

Claire-Elaine Cyr 

Psychosocial Counsellor

Nathalie Rivest

Intervenante en sensibilisation -
Projet Exploitation sexuelle

Karoleanne Thériault

Psychosocial Counsellor

Marie-Pier Richard

Intervenante en sensibilisation

À propos: L'équipe
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